Redlands BMX holds sign-on and come and try day

REDLANDS BMX is calling anyone interested in the sport to attend a come and try day at their Capalaba facility on February 3.

Part of the national Ride In2 BMX program, the free event is run by an accredited BMX coach and teaches beginners how to safely navigate a track.

At the conclusion of the event, riders will have the opportunity to sign on for membership at the club.

Redlands BMX spokesperson Megan Mothershaw said that in the past, the event was very successful in recruiting new riders to the club.

“We want to increase the ability of each rider to meet their full potential,” she said.

“There’s no obligation for people to sign on, but we just want to give them the chance to give it a go.”

Ms Mothershaw added that riders of all ages were encouraged to take part in the come and try event.

“The event is open to anyone from two years old to as old as you feel comfortable riding,” Ms Mothershaw said.

”As long as you can ride a bike, you’re fit to take part.”

Riders are required to wear enclosed shoes, long pants and a long sleeved shirt. They may also supply their own BMX bicycle.

Ride In2 BMX will be held on February 3 between 9am and 3pm at Redlands BMX on Degen Road and Mt Cotton Road.