Back to school: What’s new in 2019

CHANGES: Wellington Point State High School will introduce a uniform change from term one.
CHANGES: Wellington Point State High School will introduce a uniform change from term one.

WITH term one fast approaching, teachers, students and parents are preparing for school to start once more.

2019 promises to be a busy year for schools, with changes taking place in education across Australia and the Redlands.

New senior system starts

The new cohort of year 11s will be the first to be affected by changes to the QCE system, which will see students receiving a nationally-recognised Australian tertiary admissions rank rather than an overall position, or OP score at the end of their studies.

Students will also sit for more external assessments, study new senior subjects and undertake a revised curriculum as well as being required to pass senior English to receive an ATAR score.

The system was intended to bring Queensland in line with other states.

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network executive officer Sue Kloeden said parents and students had been well-prepared for the changes.

“Parents with children in year 11... feel well informed about the changes and are confident in the expertise of the state’s curriculum and education authorities in delivering the new QCE system,” Ms Kloeden said.

“Parents should also feel reassured by the extensive consultation and preparation that has gone into developing, trialling and finalising the new system over the past five years.”

ABSTUDY increases support

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will be affected by changes to welfare payment scheme ABSTUDY, with increased travel and financial support offered to students living away from home.

The allowance will also now cover more visits from family or community members.

New cohorts for Sycamore School

After opening in 2017 to students from prep to year 6, the school was approved to open to students from years 7 to 10 by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board late last year.

School founder and chief executive officer Cindy Corrie said the high school would allow for more support of academic development. 

Wellington Point State High School changes uniform

From term one, Wellington Point state high school girls will have the choice to wear skorts to school under uniform changes announced last year.

School principal Robyn Burton-Ree said students had pushed for the change.

“Female students have indicated that not only would they be more comfortable in skorts but they feel that they can participate in physical or sporting activities at lunch times with confidence,” she said.

The announcement came as Education Minister Grace Grace introduced a revamped dress code that required state schools offer more uniform choices, including shorts and pants.