Ethos Orthodontics aims for the best client experience

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Specialised: Orthodontist Dr Kate Barker is part of the committed team at Cleveland's Ethos Orthodontics.

Specialised: Orthodontist Dr Kate Barker is part of the committed team at Cleveland's Ethos Orthodontics.

Whether you are having treatment to achieve a stunning smile or improved function, the approach at Ethos Orthodontics is focused on the very best experience for the client.

The Cleveland based clinic has a team of exceptional orthodontists, flexible options and takes extra care to create confidence and a sense of well-being.

Ethos Orthodontics offers treatment choices for the entire family and you do not require a referral.

Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry, that diagnoses, prevents and treats problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws.  

Training in this field of expertise is comprehensive and firstly orthodontists must qualify as a dentist with first class honours from university.

They are then required to practice as a dentist for at least two years before returning to university to complete a three-year master’s degree in orthodontics.

While some dentists provide orthodontic treatment, at Ethos you can be assured you are receiving the very best care from a specialist orthodontist.

Ethos is proud to offer its patients the best orthodontic treatment and care available.

At the Cleveland practice, there are two orthodontists. They are Dr Kate Barker and Dr Sig Fu.

Away from orthodontics, Kate enjoys spending time with her young family.

She is also a keen sportswoman with a passion for windsurfing, surfing and touch football.

Dedicated to her profession, Kate is also currently the president of the Australian Society of Orthodontics QLD branch. 

Sig believes in giving back to the community and profession and holds academic roles at The University of Queensland and the School of Dentistry.

He is also a regional committee member for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

Outside of Orthodontics, Sig enjoys working on fitness and travelling to various corners of the globe.

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