Rally organisers say proposed car parks at Weinam Creek are a short-term solution

REDLAND Bay Residents Action Group representative Steven Komorowski says money is being wasted on a car park and development on Moores Road land that will be just a short-term solution.

Mr Komorowski was speaking at a rally attended by more than 100 people at Weinam Creek on Sunday.

The event was organised by Moreton Bay Combined Islands Association, Redland Bay Residents Action Group and lobby group Redlands2030.

Redland City Council and its subsidiary Redland Investment Corporation are developing the ferry terminal which the state government declared a priority development area in 2013.

The first stage includes a ground-level car park on land on Moores Road. A multi-level park is also proposed.

Rally organisers called for signatures on petitions opposing development including the Moores Road car park and pushing for a barge to operate between the southern end of Russell Island to Woongoolba until a bridge was built.

Mr Komorowski said Redland Bay residents would be impacted by a 600-space car park, three lane boat ramp, small lot housing and townhouses on the Moores Road land.

He said Redland City Council was ruining a quiet seaside suburb and ratepayer's money was being wasted on a band-aid solution.

He said there had been a lack of consultation on the project.

Mr Komorowski said the Moores Road land flooded during heavy rain and the roads were not built for the proposed development.

Bowman MP Andrew Laming said the state government needed to be lobbied over the issues.

"They control these decisions and you must engage that state government," he said.

Mr Laming said the state government had to ask the federal government for funding for a bridge.

"I will put the money in if I get a request from the state government," he said.

Mr Laming said he would fund surveys to ask what people thought about the Weinam Creek ferry terminal proposals.

The MBCIA's Yvonne Beckett and Ian Olsson said the proposed car parks at Weinam Creek would be a short-term solution.

Mr Olsson said a temporary barge service to be replaced by a bridge would alleviate pressure of parking at Redland Bay.

"It will hopefully put an end to the planning and construction of a multi-level car park to garage

Bowman's Labor candidate Tom Baster said the Weinam Creek ferry terminal was a "real dog's breakfast".

"There's cars parked on the side of the road," he said. There's cars in back yards. There's cars down on the compounds down the road.

"Certainly something needs to be done."

Mr Baster said the potential development of driverless cars was an "out-there suggestion" but was a factor.

Greens candidate for Bowman Emerald Moon said Weinam Creek was an example of decisions being made without adequate consultation.

"An ugly car park is not actually a solution," she said.

She said there was an opportunity for public money to be used to achieve long-term solutions.

Lindsay Hackett, spokesman for Our Parking Spot Group, said last week the MBCIA would destroy the work done by the community and governments over the past 10 years towards getting a parking solution.

Mr Hackett said the rally was to agitate against the council plan to build a multi-level car park which would provide affordable parking. He said the car park had been proposed during consultations prior to May 2014.

Mr Hackett said the overwhelming conclusion was that bridges and barges were not viable. The only option was to improve parking.