Snake photographed eating huge possum at Alexandra Hills

A SNAKE catcher is warning locals to keep their pets indoors after an Alexandra Hills resident photographed a massive carpet python consuming a possum on Thursday night.

Stewart Lalor of Brisbane Snake Catchers said the resident had seen the coastal carpet python eat the large possum in under an hour.

The resident sent the photos to Brisbane Snake Catchers, who posted them on Facebook urging residents to keep their pets secured.

"The coastal carpet python is the most popular snake that you'll get throughout the Redlands," Mr Lalor said.

"The good news is that they're pretty much harmless in terms of people, but the biggest concern is if you've got small pets outside."

He said the snakes could devour cats, birds, guinea pigs and even small dogs.

"You'd be quite surprised at the size a python can eat," he said. 

"Usually you're looking at at least three times the girth of the python itself.

"A lot of people look at (the snakes) and think they wouldn't be able to eat their pet but they'll definitely get around it, that's for sure."

Mr Lalor recommended keeping any animal under five kilograms indoors.

With summer over, he warned that snakes were out and about looking for a feed.

"It's past the mating season and the egg-laying season so a lot of the females are looking for a feed now," he said.

"They'll also go for the larger meals at this time of year.

"Winter's coming up and they're preparing for that, and that will keep escalating all the way through into April."

Mr Lalor said the warm weather predicted for autumn could mean the snake season continued longer than usual until the end of May.

He said residents who had spotted snakes should call a professional if they did not know what to do.

"It's free to call us and ask for advice," he said.

"It's better to get help from a professional rather than going on social media and asking your friends what to do."