Redlands2030 and resident apologies to mayor after legal action on Toondah video

Redlands resident Peter Wear and activist group Redlands2030 have apologised to Redland City Council mayor Karen Williams for a video produced on the proposed $1.39 billion Toondah Harbour redevelopment.

The Redlands2030 site says that it has been pointed out that certain comments in the video might have been interpreted as suggesting that Cr Williams had behaved improperly.

The group asked that anyone who shared or published the link on social media should remove it.

The action was taken after Cr Williams launched legal action against Mr Wear and Redlands2030.

Cr Williams said her focus was to encourage respect on line and she hoped the resolution would encourage greater courtesy and consideration on internet sites and in the community.

Cr Williams said the outcome was never about her.

"It was about the community that elected me and this action was for them," she said.

Mr Wear said he was not at liberty to respond.

The federal government has given approval for the Toondah Harbour development to continue to the environmental impact statement stage.

Walker Corporation's property development director Peter Saba said the organisation welcomed the decision.

Walker unveiled an updated proposed master plan for Toondah Harbour in June. The revamped plan decreased the development size by 30 per cent but still included 3600 units.

The size of the project and potential impacts on roads, foreshores, birds and Moreton Bay has drawn substantial community criticism.

Cr Karen Williams.

Cr Karen Williams.