Classes start at Redlands National Taekwondo

BLACK BELTS: Jeremy, Jayde, Lori and Blade Hearne.
BLACK BELTS: Jeremy, Jayde, Lori and Blade Hearne.

TAEKWONDO is a family affair for Jeremy Hearne, who heads up Redland City's newest martial arts school.

Redlands National Taekwondo ran its first class in February under instructor Mr Hearne, who comes from a family of four black belts.

Mr Hearne received his first black belt in Rhee Taekwondo in 1987 and his second in World Taekwondo in 1995.

Three years later, he received a rugby injury that left him unable to continue with Taekwondo.

He returned to the sport 16 years later after son Blade started National Taekwondo in 2014.

By the next year, the whole Hearne family was involved in National Taekwondo, and by 2019, Mr Hearne's wife Lori, son Blade and daughter Jayde had achieved black belts.

Mr Hearne said his transition back into Taekwondo was no easy feat.

"The main challenge was the body (because) after 16 years away, I had lost all flexibility, I was overweight and not fit," he said.

"I was literally a Teletubby in white pyjamas for the first year.

"When I started getting better I had to keep reminding my brain that I was not 28 anymore and had to limit myself as to what kicks and jumps I could do."

After working his way back up the belt colours in National Taekwondo, Mr Hearne is now a primary instructor for the greater Brisbane area.

Mr Hearne said martial arts could improve a person's strengths in other areas of life.

"Once you really get involved and take the tenets of Taekwondo seriously - courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit - it will creep into all aspects of your life providing a positive influence," he said.

"There is a discipline that is needed to be successful at martial arts (and) that discipline when applied to outside situations puts the martial artist ahead of the pack."

Classes are held on Mondays and Fridays between 4.45pm and 7pm at the St James Hall, 19 Station Street Wellington Point and on Thursdays at St George's Anglican Church, Thorne Road Birkdale.

For more information, contact Jeremy Hearne on 0416 238 039.

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