Kodey Brims records EP Out of Her Hands

POP: Pop artist Kodey Brims has a new EP coming out in August.

POP: Pop artist Kodey Brims has a new EP coming out in August.

Redland pop/folk artist Kodey Brims presents a candid landscape of vulnerability and nostalgia in her upcoming EP Out of My Hands. The EP will be released in August.

The title track Out of My Hands: offers a taste of what's to come with an earlier release on June 14.

A graduate of Sheldon College in 2013, Ms Brims, 23, said she performed in various productions and bands with the college as well as performing her own music around the Redlands and Gold Coast.

"Growing up in The Redlands was very important for my musical career because I had so much support from my parents, my school music program and from the community. I am so lucky to have had such a loving and supportive community around me when I was discovering music and when I decided to pursue music as a career," she said.

She said she had spent the past four years in a period of immense change in moving to the United States, studying and graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and finally moving to Nashville. She now lives between Spain and Australia.

Ms Brims said she discovered her sound in the writers rounds of Nashville USA, and set out to create an EP that captured the intensity of growing into a young adult.

"In this EP I wanted to create a narrative of the growth and emotions that happen in one's late teens/early twenties. Inspired by the Australian landscape, each song has a little piece of the stark desert or the sudden rain reflected in the track sonically. Whenever I would go through a period of sudden change, I would often think of Australia and relate my emotions with a place back home I missed so much," she said.

During the recording process, Brims said she found herself drawn away from the country sound of her previous releases and further towards a pop/folk niche where she lands with the help of her producers, fellow Berklee alumni, Invisible Heroes.

"We really set out to experiment and create something different. I am proud that we collaboratively brought this vision to life."

She said the second single from the EP is entitled Red Dust and was inspired by the Redlands.

"It is about feeling lost and uncomfortable with who you are, waiting for change, and finally accepting who you are and where you come from," she said.