Target fish at dusk and dawn in Redland Bay

There are lots of bream around, many small but a few better quality fish mixed in if you target them at night, or at dawn and dusk. Lightly weighted baits on a run in tide have been one of the best techniques. The best baits are live yabbies, mullet or fowl gut and small cubes of fish including mullet, tailor or tuna.

Flathead continue to be a species worth targeting, best results are by those concentrating their efforts around channel junctions, creek and river mouths, small feeder drains flowing into a larger system and the edge of channels. Lures that hit bottom are best and bait anglers have had the best success with two ganged hooks and a small bait fish like a hardihead or whitebait.

The secret is to keep your bait moving and on the bottom. There are still a few mud and sand crabs around, the muddies have been best in the upper reaches of rivers and creeks, sandies have been in good numbers on the eastern side of the bay.

There are still lots of small tailor being caught, top spots for land based anglers are rock walls and jetties around the bayside foreshores and for boaties close to any bar entrance like the seaway. Mixed in with the tailor are a few better quality trevally, and in the seaway there's been a few bonito caught off the end of the southern break-wall.

A different story in the surf where there has been quality early season tailor everywhere from Fraser Island to Yamba. There have been lots of snapper caught in Moreton Bay this week.

If you are out before daylight or doing an overnighter, the bay island shallows have been the best location however during the day fish deep water snags like the artificial reefs, wrecks and ledges.

Fish as light as you can and as quietly as you can, they spook easily, especially in shallow water.

Offshore snapper numbers are increasing, the bigger fish have come from 50 fathoms, the smaller fish from the shallows over the last week.

The best technique is to float line with live bait or slow troll a live bait at depth.

There has also been some quality pearl perch on the wider weed grounds.

NICE ONE: 10 year old Hamish Cavanagh caught and released this 74cm threadfin from the Brisbane River.

NICE ONE: 10 year old Hamish Cavanagh caught and released this 74cm threadfin from the Brisbane River.