Show Off exhibition at RPAC until June 21

About 40 Redland artists are able to show off about 70 works at an exhibition entitled Show Off, currently running at the Redland Performing Arts Centre until June 21.

The exhibition was opened on May 16 by Mayor Karen Williams who said the exhibition celebrated the talent of the Redland coast.

Judging the works were artists Robin Wilson and Katrina Simmons. Ms Simmons commended the artists for their 'bravery' in entering their works.

"This celebrates creativity, bravery, risk, materiality. An artist is never sure how their work will be received. This exhibition gives them an opportunity to talk about their art and to celebrate humanity," Ms Simmons said.

Winners were Wendy Ford (first), Lesley Ballantine (second), Abramo Papp (highly commended) and Meryl Dobe (commended) as island artists and Gloria Clay (first), Sue Norris (second) Kate Bray (highly commended) and Phil Robinson (commended) as mainland artists. Winners received $300 (first) and $200 (second).

There is also the option of a people's choice award ($70).