Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter rescues fisherman from overturned boat while searching for missing aircraft

Video: Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter

THE Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter has rescued a fisherman from an overturned boat, while searching for a missing aircraft south of Stradbroke Island.

An air, sea and land search was continuing on Thursday for the aircraft which had failed to return after a flight from a Coombabah airfield about 10am on Wednesday.

Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter chief pilot Paul Gibson said they had searched for the plane for about three hours on Wednesday.

During that time they were called to help four people who were sitting on an overturned boat in the Gold Coast Seaway.

One of the men on the overturned boat was winched to safety.

Water Police helped the other occupants.

Police said on Thursday that debris had been found on the coastline of South Stradbroke Island about 5.30pm.

Police were trying to confirm whether it belonged to the plane reported missing.

A male pilot, 52, and a woman, 31, were on board the Yak 52 aircraft.

Police continued to carry out an air, sea and land search for the plane with help from Polair and the Westpac helicopter, jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, police vessels and volunteer marine rescue groups.

Specialised underwater sonar equipment would also be used.