St James Lutheran kindergarten raises funds to turn demolition site into play space

STAFF and parents at St James Lutheran Community Kindergarten are 18 months into a tireless fundraising campaign to turn an adjoining block - currently littered with demolition debris - into a safe playground.

The site was occupied by St James Lutheran Community Childcare before its owners deemed it too expensive to repair at the end of 2017.

The centre was closed and the building demolished. The 640 square metre block is now being rented to the kindergarten.

Parent and volunteerLouise Bullerwell said parents and staff hoped the space would allow the kindergarten to extend its outdoor play space and classrooms.

However, the land was not currently suitable for use with glass still embedded in the ground, cut off pipes and a significant height difference between the two sites.

About $50,000 would be needed to turn the block into a functional play space.

Ms Bullerwell said there was pressure on the kindergarten to make the space safe for children soon.

"The kindy is paying to rent the space (but) we can't use it at the moment at all," she said.

"A temporary fence is separating the two at the moment but that's only allowed to be up for a year."

Thanks to sausage sizzles, raffles and other regular fundraisers over the past 18 months, the kindergarten has raised about $13,000 in a bid to transform the land into a useable play space.

Among the items on the children's wishlist for the block is a hill, tunnel, loose parts play area and space for them to run around.

"Where they are is quite restricted at the moment so they need more space for activities," Ms Bullerwell said.

A shade sail was also a priority.

Ms Bullerwell said making the site safe for children - clearing the debris, adding a path, raising the level and laying turf over a small area - would eat up most of the funds raised so far.

"There will be nothing left to landscape features or add interest," she said.

She said the kindergarten would welcome support from local businesses or community members.

To donate, contact St James Lutheran Community Kindergarten on 3286 1953.