Love at first sight for Colin and Shirley Henderson, couple of 70 years

IN LOVE: Shirley and Colin Henderson said the secret to 70 years of marriage was being good friends.
IN LOVE: Shirley and Colin Henderson said the secret to 70 years of marriage was being good friends.

EVEN after being married for seven decades, Colin and Shirley Henderson rarely fight.

The couple, who were introduced by friends during the 1940s, will celebrate their platinum anniversary on August 20.

Mrs Henderson said she had been struck by Mr Henderson's gentle nature the first time they met and soon knew that they would be together for a long time.

"I thought he was a good-looking bloke, nice, quiet, and he danced well," she said.

"He's always looked after me.

"Colin never proposed - we just knew it was going to happen. We just seem to go together."

The pair married at a Catholic church in Sutherland, a suburb south of Sydney, in 1949.

Mr Henderson was a refrigeration mechanic by trade but soon got a job in road transport, being drawn to a life of travel.

"It was a wanderer's life but he'd always come back again," Mrs Henderson said.

Travel also played a big part in their family life, with the pair buying a caravan and taking it around Australia.

"We've been everywhere," Mrs Henderson said.

A favourite spot for the couple was Lawn Hill National Park in north-western Queensland.

The pair have now lived in Victoria Point's Renaissance Retirement Village for more than four years, having relocated to Queensland in 1956.

With the couple unable to have children themselves, they chose to adopt two children who both joined the family at about eight days old.

They now have three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, also adopted.

Mr Henderson said while meeting their children had been their favourite moments of their marriage, there had been too many highlights to talk about.

"We've been so lucky," he said, holding Mrs Henderson's hand tightly.

"We've lived a nice, quiet happy life."

"We have similar natures (and) we agree on everything (and) seem to like all the same things.

"We're good friends."