What's on in Redlands | July 10

Friday, July 12

  • Simpley 3 at Redlands RSL: 6.30pm
  • Nighshift at Redlands Sporting Club at 7.30pm,
  • Tickle the Riff at Capalaba Sports Club: 7.45pm
  • Ricky Taite at Elysium Lakeside: 7.30pm,
  • Jamie Fletcher at Cleveland Sharks 6.30pm

Saturday, July 13

  • Zookeepers Trio at Redlands RSL: 6:30pm,
  • Floorburners at Redlands Sporting Club: 7.30pm,
  • Lauren Hyland at Elysium Lakeside: 8pm,
  • Talk of the Town at Capalaba Sports Club: 7.45pm,
  • Michelle Rau at Victoria Point Sharks: 8pm

Sunday, July 14

  • Lima Manu at Elysium Lakeside: 1.30pm,
  • Alice Anderson at Capalaba Sports Club: 12pm,
  • Jason Towers at Cleveland Sharks: 1.30pm,
  • Boomshanka at Redlands RSL 1pm