Redlands Integrated Early Years Place wins Child Protection Week award

AWARD-WINNING: The Redlands Integrated Early Years team works to support children and their families.
AWARD-WINNING: The Redlands Integrated Early Years team works to support children and their families.

THE Redlands Integrated Early Years Place will be recognised for its innovative methods of community support at a state-wide Child Protection Week awards ceremony.

The Capalaba-based centre will receive the community initiative award, which recognises an organisation or individual's development of a new and creative approach to promoting child protection.

The centre - which has operated since May 2018 - brings together services including including early childhood educator and teacher training, child and maternal health and parent support.

It is run by Goodstart Early Learning in partnership with The Benevolent Society.

Service co-ordinator Andrea Carlson has two decades of experience as an early childhood teacher and said the first several years of a child's life significantly impacted their future.

"These are the foundation that shape a child's health, happiness, development and learning achievement at school," she said.

"Parents are our children's first teachers and they have the most impact on their development. If we can support them to support their children we will greatly impact our communities."

The aim of Redlands Integrated Early Years Placeis to increase access to early years resources across the region, including the bay islands.

About 40 local families come to the centre for playgroups and to access information.

Among the services offered at the centre are playgroup, play therapy, parenting workshops and information sessions including topics like neuroscience and building resilience.

"The early years place makes it easy for families and their children to connect to services and support within the Redlands community," Ms Carlson said.

"The commitment is to work collaboratively across the early years space supporting families and children to be happy and healthy.

"Our goals are to support families to become more aware of their child's developmental needs, feel confident in engaging with services when needed and feel confident in their parenting ability.

"I wanted to break down the barriers of access within the community for families to gain support and information that supports their child."

Ms Carlson said it was an honour for the centre to receive the award.

"It recognises that (the centre) takes a whole community and strong partnerships with services to work together to improve outcomes in education, health, safety and wellbeing for children, parents and the community," she said.

The Child Protection Week awards will be presented at Parliament House on Thursday, August 29 ahead of Queensland Child Protection Week in September.