Redland City Bulletin's letters to the editor, published August 14, 2019

No need for gush

I wonder if MP Don Brown has any knowledge of the Ramsar Convention?

This is an international agreement put in place to protect wetlands of international significance around the world in order to save the habitat of migratory birds.

Australia is a signatory to the Ramsar Convention. The Toondah Harbour wetlands are considered so important that they are included in the Ramsar listings which Australia is obliged to protect.

Yet here is our MP spruiking the advantages of destroying these wetlands for development. Walker Corp must be thrilled to have such high level support.

Initially the federal Environment Department said no to development at this site. Staff were overruled by their minister and this resulted in the need for an environmental impact study. We are told this will be under way within months.

Yet here we have Mr Brown gushing on as if the development is a done deal. It is disgraceful that our politicians seem to have so little regard for Australia's environmental reputation.

- H. Melrose, Cleveland

Thanks, pelican people

On a Sunday afternoon my neighbours and I noticed a pelican in distress at Sovereign Waters lake. It had fishing line hanging from its bill.

They called Pelican and Seabird Rescue and while we waited for them, the pelican stayed close, as though hoping for help.

Soon, two ladies arrived. Hammy and Sally were organised and in a flash caught the pelican. The bird was large, and remained calm, most likely due to the careful and confident handling.

They found there was a large hook inside his beak, and were able to extract it. They checked him over and then he was off. He then came back for a tasty snack of mullet, and (I like to think) to say thank you.

The ladies were professional and skilled. They explained what they were doing and why, and gave us information about pelicans and other seabirds. What wonderful dedicated volunteers. A huge thank you from us.

- P. Neads, G. and K. Walker, Wellington Point

Forget tourism I

ADVERTISING has appeared throughout the Redland City Council area encouraging people to "visit the Redlands Coast".

In particular I refer to a roadside hoarding adjacent to the Northern Arterial Road near the Ormiston Railway station.

This is another example of an absolute waste of money at a time when the focus should be on saving ratepayers money rather than squandering it on useless advertising.

Ninety-eight per cent of traffic at this location would be Redland residents so we do not need advertising to encourage locals to visit the Redlands. We are already here.

Further, the advert is a poor design. The hoarding is dark and you need to look closely to see the humpback whale. Further the text on the hoarding is too small and there is too much to take in when driving at 80km/hr.

We need to get value from our rates rather someone saying we have some unspent money in the budget, what can we waste it on?

- P. Jackson, Ormiston

Forget tourism II

According to the Australian Government Activity Table 1990-2017 for energy usage in the transport industry energy usage by civil aviation increased by 218 per cent, international aviation increased by 210 per cent, and domestic aviation by 232 per cent.

Road transport energy usage increased by 54 per cent for the same period.

Accordingly the period from 2014-2017 shows civil aviation increased by 9 per cent, of which international aviation increased by 14 per cent while domestic aviation had an increase of 2 per cent.

Over this same period road transport had an increase of 5 per cent. What impact are we having on the environment by promoting tourism, thereby increasing the use of transport, especially air transport?

- N. Roennfeldt, Alexandra Hills

Thanks, good samaritans

On April 26 I fell in a shopping centre car park and fractured my right knee.

After surgery and 10 weeks in a brace this has mended and I am having physio.

Unfortunately, I was not in a position to obtain contact numbers for people who came to my aid.

Thanks to Jason who was first on the scene and contacted my sister and sent another gentleman to centre management to inform them, a lady who phoned paramedics, and Ann who was a nurse.

These people stayed with me until paramedics arrived. I am extremely grateful for everyone's help.

- W. Gordon, Alexandra Hills

Hospital staff excellent

I extend a huge thank you to the paramedics and staff of Redlands Hospital who treated me when I was taken there by ambulance with what turned out to be a fractured patella.

It has been a long time since I have been a patient in a public hospital and I was not expecting the level of care and attention I received for what was a painful situation.

Not so accommodating is the Transport Department who will not issue a temporary disabled car sticker unless the disablement is a minimum of six months.

I am in a leg splint for six weeks so not eligible.

Is this the sort of bureaucratic nonsense we get for the appointment of all those extra public servants?

Nevertheless, well done Redlands Hospital. You are much appreciated.

- V. Mahony-Hodges, Raby Bay

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