Twins at seven years old

It was an Oh My God moment for my seven-year-old grand daughter.

Very excitedly she told me that at school on that day she and her best friend matched; they both wore the same clothes and had the same hairstyle.

I didn't share her enthusiasm and made some comment that this was the purpose of school uniforms.

No, she pointed out the various combinations of uniforms, most notably for the girls who can wear the uniform dress or the uniform collared t-shirt and skort (a popular combining of the skirt and the short).

My grand daughter maintained her delight.

The hair clinched the serendipitous moment in her mind - a moment when two BFFs come together, their friendship sealed and joined by a common hair tie.

My grand daughter was wearing her hair in a pony tail. I would guess that if you lined up the girls at most primary schools, most would have long hair and most would have their tied up in a pony tail. So again, the thrill she felt at she and her friend matching didn't sizzle this sausage.

Mind you, my daughter-in-law is a whiz at hair and the myriad of hairstyles involving braids, buns, weaves and pony tails in all sorts of places is vast and quite fantastic.

So when you have so many styles to choose from, I suppose the matching of the humble pigtail does seem rather exciting.

She's in Year 2 now, and I wonder how long the thrill of being the same will last.