Queensland Police Service to send text messages from their email accounts

No food deliveries though!

POLICE officers now have the option of sending an text messages from their Queensland Police Service email account.

A police spokesperson said the tool - which had been trialled in Brisbane South, Logan and Gladstone - would help them investigating reported occurrences.

Previously police were only able to contact people by telephone or by going to see the person.

"Police believe this will improve two way communication as many people don't answer phone calls marked 'private' or 'no caller-ID'," the spokesperson said.

"The message recipient will be able to reply directly to the officer by sending an SMS message back, for example by providing the requested details or making an appointment to meet."

Senior Sergeant Andrew Lake said the ability would make it easier for the public and the QPS to engage and resolve investigations faster.

"It will also improve the ability of victims to be advised of the status of their matter," he said.

To reduce the risk of scams, messages will include information to identify it as coming from the QPS, including the crime report number. SMS messages will not include attachments or hyperlinks.

If people are uncertain of the authenticity of the message, they should contact Policelink on 131 444.

"Anyone who believes they may have been targeted by scammers should report the matter through the Cyber reporting tool," Senior Sergeant Lake said.

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