Mayor Karen Williams asks for an investigation into allegations about Cr Paul Gleeson made by Don Brown

Capalaba MP Don Brown

Capalaba MP Don Brown

CAPALABA MP Don Brown has again attacked Cr Paul Gleeson in Parliament over his social media comments.

Redland City Council mayor Karen Williams has responded by lodging a complaint with the Office of the Independent Assessor asking it to urgently investigate the allegations.

Mr Brown told Parliament that Cr Gleeson had responded inappropriately to a question in a Facebook group about the Child Support Agency restricting those with child support debt from flying out of Australia.

"Unfortunately, two years on, I am sorry to inform the House that the actions and behaviour of Cr Gleeson are worse," Mr Brown said.

Cr Williams, who has campaigned against domestic violence, said she had written to the council's chief executive Andrew Chesterman, Cr Gleeson and Mr Brown advising them of her complaint to the OIA.

"As these claims are under investigation I can't comment any further on them specifically," Cr Williams said.

"However what I will say is that people are tired of public feuds between politicians and expect them to get on with delivering positive outcomes for their respective communities."

Cr Gleeson said Mr Brown's comments clarified two things.

"He's a complete coward who will only make these allegations in Parliament under the safety of parliamentary privilege knowing that I can't reply," Cr Gleeson said.

"He is now completely obsessed with attacking me at the expense of the people of Capalaba.

"He just can't stand having a councillor in his electorate who is not an ALP member."

Mr Brown's comments come just a week after Cr Gleeson said on social media that he had repeatedly been attacked by Mr Brown since 2015.

Cr Gleeson also said an anonymous email about him had been sent to schools, sporting clubs and community groups in October.

"The email to P&C associations and committees warned people about dealing with me," Cr Gleeson said.

Cr Gleeson released a letter from police in which a detective sergeant said the sender had been identified but police had decided not to take action after receiving advice from the crown prosecutor.

"The author of the email was spoken to concerning their behaviour and advised to desist from such actions...," the sergeant said.

In Parliament, Mr Brown called on Cr Williams to denounce Cr Gleeson's comments and ask him to resign.

He said Cr Gleeson also had 13 inappropriate conduct and misconduct findings against him in this council term.

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