Federal MP Andrew Laming calls for Capalaba state MP Don Brown and Cr Paul Gleeson to stand down

Bowman MP Andrew Laming
Bowman MP Andrew Laming

FEDERAL MP Andrew Laming has called on Capalaba's state MP and councillor to stand down until investigations are completed into allegations each have raised about one another.

Mr Laming said a "political personality feud" between MP Don Brown and Cr Paul Gleeson had become an obsession for both men.

He said he had also referred Mr Brown to the Crime and Corruption Commission over allegations made by Cr Gleeson regarding an anonymous email sent about Cr Gleeson to clubs and community groups last year.

It has not been suggested the email came from Mr Brown.

He also referred Cr Gleeson to the Office of the Independent Assessor regarding allegations made by Mr Brown in Parliament.

Police confirmed the sender of an email had been identified and spoken to but no further action would be taken on the advice of the Crown Prosecutor.

Mr Brown said he had never been contacted by police regarding the email and the matter did not relate to him.

"This is a weak attempt by Mr Laming and Cr Gleeson to silence me from speaking up against the ... comments and actions of Cr Gleeson," Mr Brown said.

In response to Mr Laming's referral to the OIA, Cr Gleeson said Cr Williams had already made a complaint.

"As a result of so many complaints by Don Brown, I am probably the most scrutinised councillor there is," he said.

Cr Gleeson, who did not allege Mr Brown sent the offending email, said he was more than happy to be investigated so long as Mr Brown's office also was investigated.

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