Redland City Council urges residents to be prepared in case of bushfires

BE PREPARED: A bushfire on Russell Island in 2017.
BE PREPARED: A bushfire on Russell Island in 2017.

REDLAND City Council has urged residents to remain alert and be prepared as the bushfire rating in the city remains dangerously high.

It comes as a local fire ban remains in place until at least midnight on Sunday, September 15. This means no open fires and all permits to light fires previously issued had been candelled.

The council will hold community sessions and give out information about fire preparedness on the weekend to help residents be prepared should fires ignite.

Mayor Karen Williams said it was vitally important that residents were prepared should fires ignite.

"Redlands Coast has been spared from major blazes to date but given the current conditions and what we have learnt from past events there is always the potential for fire and I urge residents to be prepared and to not be complacent," she said.

"Multi-agency firefighting resources and capability on Redlands Coast have been assessed, the Local Disaster Coordination Centre has been prepared and staffing for LDCC and evacuation teams readied."

Fire preparedness information leaflets had been distributed to IGAs at Mount Cotton, Redland Bay and Russell Island and SPA Macleay Island. Information would also be made available to households and at ferry terminals at Toondah Harbour, Victoria Point and Weinam Creek.

Cr Williams said island community champions had been readied to provide information.

"It is very much a case of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best," she said.

Three community informationsessions scheduled for this weekend would include bushfire preparedness sessions.

Cr Williams said the council had undertaken controlled burns and other actions across the city over winter and spring to reduce fuel loads.

"So far this year there have been 28 controlled burns (120 hectares), compared to 17 in 2018 (72 hectares)," she said.

"The fire preparedness budget has been increased significantly and new fire trails added.

"This is just the start of what will be a long fire season and it is important that people take simple steps to prepare."

Community information sessions:

North Stradbroke Island Open House

Saturday 14 September, 10am to 12pm

Amity Point Community Hall, Ballow Street, Amity Point

Mt Cotton fire preparedness information session

Sunday 15 September, 12pm to 1pm

Mount Cotton Hall, corner Seaview and Mount Cotton roads

Macleay Island fire preparedness information session

Sunday 15 September, 3pm to 4pm

32 High Central Road, Macleay Island

Tasks that can help in fire preparedness:

  • Clear debris from roof gutters
  • Clear up your yard
  • Create an emergency evacuation kit
  • Have a plan for what you would do and where you would go in an emergency
  • Get to know who your neighbours are so you can be a source of support for each other in the event of an emergency

Should a fire take place:

Keep up-to-date and share information with family and friends:

  • Redlands Coast disaster website: (includes multi-agency and Council information)
  • Council Disaster Dashboard and social media is also accessible from Council's website:
  • 612 ABC Radio
  • Local radio BayFM 100.3
  • QFES on Facebook (@QldFireandRescueService) and Twitter (@QldFES)
  • Rural Fire Service (RFS) website at