Redlands runners to tackle 500km Gold Coast trail race

THREE Redlands locals will run length of twelve marathons with an elevation the equivalent of two Mount Everests when they take on the Wild Earth Ultra Trail on the Gold Coast next week.

Victoria Point ultra runner Kieron Douglass, along with Lucas Sarra and Amy Strong, will take on the gruelling 500 kilometre trail at the Nerang State Forest between Tuesday, September 24 and Sunday, September 30.

"What (isn't) exciting about crawling 500 kilometres with an elevation level of 17,900 metres?" Douglass said.

"I have always been marvelled at what the body is capable of doing and the only way to find that out is by placing yourself in situations such as this. It's self discovery.

"That's the main draw card to an event like this. The uncertainty of what my body can achieve is exciting.

"All I have to do is run, hike, walk and crawl 500 kilometres to the finish line in order to find out that little bit about myself."

The group will run 25 kilometre loops, with each circuit containing 895 metres of elevation.

"I have always described ultra running as a sport that is beautifully brutal," Douglass said.

"Running distance is a bit like that bruise on your leg that hurts but you keep poking at it anyway because it strangely feels good. The more I run, the more poking I do, the more enjoyable it becomes."

Douglass said the Redlands was home to some of the best trails in the south-east, including his personal favourite in Cleveland's Scribbly Gum Conservation Park.

"Although quite flat, I always step out of the trails having had the best times," he said.

"If you want to find elevation in there, you can find it."