Redland City Council boundary changes include reversal of 2015 decision to move Birkdale land between divisions

THE state government has finalised changes to council boundaries, reversing a controversial 2015 decision that saw 80 hectares of Birkdale Commonwealth land and Willard's farm moved between divisions.

The Local Government Change Commission has also made changes to take into account growth at Thornlands and Mount Cotton.

The state government called for submissions on council divisional boundaries earlier this year after finding the number of enrolled voters was too high in two divisions due to growth at Thornlands and Mount Cotton.

The commission said the desire for the land to be returned to division 10 - Cr Paul Bishop's area - where it was located before the 2015 review, was common in submissions.

The commission had 14 comments on proposed boundary changes released in August. Ten were supportive of the changes.

The commission agreed to a request for the industrial estate south of Weippin Street, Cleveland to be returned to division 2 as many residents regarded the businesses as part of Cleveland and there was no impact on voter numbers.

The commission said there were insufficient voters in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands for a separate division and councillor, as requested in four submissions.

"The submitters noted the SMBI have different issues than the mainland and thus suggested that they require their own representation, citing the competition for services as a significant issue," the commission said.

The projected voter enrolment for Redlands in March 2024 was 115,889, up from 108,407 on January 31.