Nissan Patrol owner devastated by chopped up vehicle discovery at Redland Bay acreage

Queensland Police video footage from a Redland Bay property

THE owner of a Nissan Patrol stolen in February says he was devastated to find his beloved vehicle in pieces in an old poultry shed on a Redland Bay acreage.

Police found the vehicle with more than 80 others at the Heinemann Road property on September 21.

Brisbane North police spokeswoman Sergeant Jodie Murray said initial investigations had found that 21 of the vehicles - mostly Nissan Patrols - were stolen or being rebirthed.

The Brisbane Nissan Patrol owner said his vehicle had been stolen in February. He suspected the late model Patrol which had extensive work done to it was taken by someone using a tow truck.

He received a call from police two days after the Cleveland criminal investigation branch executed a search warrant at Redland Bay.

They gave him two days to go to the property to identify his vehicle and search for parts that had been removed.

"I looked through where they had been chopping up the vehicles," he said.

The man said that he could not find valuable parts like headlights and the suspension that had been removed from his Nissan Patrol.

Sergeant Murray said the discovery at Redland Bay came after more than 20 Nissan Patrols were reported stolen from north Brisbane this year.

She said there were several large unused poultry sheds on the property.

In one shed police found a number of Nissan Patrol engines, eight of which were alleged to have been stolen.

"The sheds contain a large number of vehicle parts consisting of bonnets, wheels, tyres, bull bars, car doors and seats, tool boxes, ute trailers and canopies," Sergeant Murray said. "A large number of power tools and trade equipment were also located that appear to be from the stolen vehicles."

Police have charged two Redland Bay men aged 36 and 45 with multiple unlawful possession of motor vehicle offences.

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