Redland Community Centre holds dinner for World Homeless Day, launches new app

MORE than 100 residents gathered over a home-style meal on World Homeless Day to recognise those in the Redlands who are living without a roof over their heads.

The dinner - hosted by the Redland Community Centre at the Capalaba Lions Club Underhill Centre on October 10 - also recognised the work of the Homeless United program and community volunteers who dedicated their time to assist those less fortunate.

Redland Community Centre general manager Allison Wicks said the event was rare in that it brought together businesses, the general community and the homeless.

"The event acknowledges that homelessness (exists) in Redlands and gives us a platform to recognise the good work of our Homeless United program," she said.

The program - which has been operating since June 2018 - serves hot meals every night from the Redland Community Centre in Capalaba.

It also provides support like reconnecting families, helping members take part in community work, connecting them with health and counselling services and building resilience and capacity.

It has supported about 30 people to move into paid employment and has helped to house about 90.

"It's a program designed around the systemic need to belong to a group," Ms Wicks said.

"The program builds back that feeling of being in what we call a second chance family and provides them with 24 hour support."

The World Homeless Day dinner also saw the launch of HAppi, a new app to help homeless people access free support services.

Ms Wicks said online databases of homeless services existed but were often complicated and cumbersome.

"Within three clicks (in HAppi) you'll get the information that you need," Ms Wicks said.

Data from local service providers - including those offering free food, accommodation, information and advocacy, showers and laundry services - was being collected to load into the app.

This information included the opening hours, distance and directions, with the app connecting to GPS mapping services.

Development began about two years ago, started by a team from QUT, and was finalised by Tim Timchur from 365 Architechs who donated more than $50,000 in development hours.

The dinner came before Anti-Poverty Week, which runs from October 13 to 19. During the week, Homeless United will have an open day on Thursday, October 17 from 10am to 2pm.

In the Redlands, 247 people were regarded as homeless in the 2016 Census.