Choices Education: E-Edition

In the Redlands, there is an abundance of educational options to suit all needs and they are reflected in the pages of Education Choices.

Brought to you by the team from Redland City Bulletin, inside these pages, you'll find great tips and hints on how to make one of the most important decisions for your child by choosing the right school.

CLICK on the CHOICES EDUCATION cover to view the E-edition.

CLICK on the CHOICES EDUCATION cover to view the E-edition.

Tips to ease school transitions

Starting at a new school can be a daunting time.

For most students, it occurs naturally with the move from primary to secondary school, while for others it might be accompanied by the move to a new suburb or town.

As if this change isn't monumental enough in a young life, having to adjust to a new school and form new friendships can just amplify the scariness of the situation.

However, with the right support at home and school, nerves of both new students and their parents can be kept to a minimum.

Parenting expert and education consultant Kathy Walker says the emotions you might watch your children experience in the lead up to their first day will depend on their age.

"Generally, whilst all children may feel some nervousness and apprehension, the younger you are, the easiest it is," she says.

"This is because you haven't developed true friendship early in your life and are less aware of implications. It also depends on how parents handle it.

"Usually being positive but not over-talking helps."

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