Gorgeous facial brings instant and long term benefits

If your body is feeling tired and weary and your face is looking and feeling the same way then there is help at hand.

A Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial is a combination of natural plant based beauty, facial reflexology, facial acupressure and face lifting massage techniques. A great bonus is that it brings all the benefits of foot reflexology and it also has fabulous beautifying effects.

Beneficial: A Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial is calming and uplifting, leaving the recipient feeling tranquil and serene.

Beneficial: A Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial is calming and uplifting, leaving the recipient feeling tranquil and serene.

A Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial can give a natural glow to the face and a more radiant complexion while the skin becomes smoother and firmer.

Lines and wrinkles also become less visible even after just one treatment as circulation flow is increased to release muscle tension. Japanese and Ayurvedic face massage techniques literally lift and sculpt muscles.

This brings instant and long term benefits. Not only does the face massage feel wonderfully relaxing but it releases deep seated tension and stress from the face and jaw muscles.

Our thoughts and emotions over time can lock themselves into expressions on our faces especially around the eyes, mouth and lips.

As lines and wrinkles are gently erased, facial contours are tightened, while collagen production and elasticity are increased which can improve the texture of the skin.

Reflex points and acupressure points found in the face connect to organs and body parts and improve circulation, blood flow nerve supply and lymphatic function and as a result the whole body can function better.

Lymphatic drainage encourages the release of toxins. Puffiness around the eyes and cheeks decreases and the complexion becomes more even toned. Tension, headaches and sinus congestion will be relieved.

Energy balancing techniques from the facial acupressure bring a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness to the whole body and this is also reflected in the face.

The ten-step natural plant-based skincare system along with a gentle enzyme peel and anti-oxidant face mask nourish and revitalise the complexion.

The facial begins with pure cleansing oils massaged gently into the skin to begin the initial release of tight, tense muscles.

The treatment is calming and uplifting leaving the recipient feeling tranquil and serene. While the face mask is applied, an added bonus is fifteen minutes of revitalising foot reflexology.

After hot face towels the Gorgeous Woman Sea Kelp Moisturiser and a Gorgeous Woman Face Oil to suit the client's skin type is applied. These are massaged into the skin using anti-ageing reflexology and soothing massage techniques, leaving the skin youthful and restored.

The face, feet and body are rejuvenated and a feeling of well-being and also confidence with the positive effects from the facial are common.

Professional reflexologist Anne McBride provides this unique and purifying service. Ph 0419 670 312 or book online at: www.redlandreflexology.com.au.