Johnny Rhythm and the 60 Project brings five new songs to air.

PROJECT: John Boumford is drawing on life's experience in writing five songs as part of his 60s project.

PROJECT: John Boumford is drawing on life's experience in writing five songs as part of his 60s project.

It's taken two years of work and 60 years of life for John Boumford, 60, of Cleveland to write and record five songs, songs which he says define his life and his influences.

Entitled Johnny Rhythm and the 60 Project, the work has been a collaboration with a number of Redland and Brisbane musicians, including his two daughters Charlotte Emily and Gabriella Grace.

"I've seen my daughters launch their own careers very successfully and I realised that as I face retirement, it is my time to do my own stuff," he said.

His works celebrate his musical influences over his lifetime and encompass life, love and involvement. The works are across a range of genres including the blues with I Want you Back, ballad Take it Slow, funk song Naturally, rock song Apologise and the laid back jazzy groove of Sunshine.Sunshine is ready for a summer release on December 1 on Spotify.

"This song is about the sunshine before the clouds. It finishes with the message that there is more to life so go and enjoy it. It's an uplifting song that I am happy to share," he said.

Boumford said that film clips supporting the music had been shot around the Redlands.

The songs were recorded at Lovestreet studios on the Gold Coast.

"I am about to bring these songs into the main stream music market now they have been finally mastered and ready for all online platforms. Music has been an enormous part of my life having collaborated with other artists and performing at festivals around the world," Boumford said.

Boumford has worked as a music and sports teacher. For the past 10 years, he has supported his daughter Charlotte who has performed alongside Diesel, Pete Murray, Daryl Braithwaite, Icehouse and Wendy Matthews.

Boumford said his ultimate goal was to record sufficient tracks for a CD.

Collaborating with him on his project are vocalists Michael Scriha, Shanon Watkinsand Jade Delmiguez, band members Mitchell Hagger, Jasper Lambert, Simon Watson, Ed Ruben and Casey Glennen, Scott French from Lovestreet Studios and Daniel Helmstedt for the video and production of Apologize.

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