Measles hits, Logan, Redlands and Brisbane, with 23 cases confirmed. Student barred from graduation.

THE Redlands, Logan and Brisbane's southside have been hit with a measles outbreak, with health authorities confirming 23 cases.

MEASLES: On rare occasion the disease can be fatal.

MEASLES: On rare occasion the disease can be fatal.

One of the cases was recorded at Cleveland District State High School.

Metro South Health public health physician Kari Jarvinen said most cases over the past month were from two family groups as well as contacts with previous cases.

The outbreak has caused the school to warn parents that unvaccinated children would not be allowed to attend next Friday's graduation ceremonies.

School parent Andrew Jackson said he had been contacted by the school who said his year 12 daughter could not attend graduation unless she was vaccinated.

Mr Jackson said he and his wife had researched the issue and had decided not to vaccinate their son and daughter.

He was aware of the state government health warning but his research showed measles were not highly contagious and he considered the current situation to be a knee jerk reaction.

He vowed that his daughter would attend graduation regardless of the warnings.

"This is against my civil rights. By law she does not have to be vaccinated yet she is being punished for this," he said. "What about my rights?"

The school has been contacted for comment.

Dr Jarvinen warned that end-of-year school celebrations were a high risk for transmission of what was a highly contagious disease.

"Our concern is about the risk of transmission in high school environments, particularly as we head towards the end of the school year with celebratory events.

"We need parents and students to be alert for symptoms and transparent about reporting their illness so that we can prevent the further spread of measles."

The Public Health Unit was working with the school to tell parents of the situation.

"This current outbreak is a timely reminder to stop and think if you have had two doses of measles mumps rubella vaccine. You need to have two doses to be protected," Dr Jarvinen said.

"Measles is very contagious and remains airborne up to 30 minutes after the person has left the room. It is spread by tiny droplets through coughing and sneezing.

"Early symptoms include fever, runny nose, tiredness and sore, red eyes. This is followed by a blotchy red rash, which often starts on the face before becoming widespread.

"...If people are adequately vaccinated with two recorded doses of the MMR vaccine, they are very unlikely to get the disease. Contact your doctor to check whether you have had two doses of the vaccine."

See the health alerts website for details of the current situation

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Dr Jarvinen said New Zealand, Samoa, and surrounding countries were experiencing an outbreak so it was important for travellers to get vaccinated before leaving Australia or check the vaccination status of family and friends visiting from these countries.