Bowman MP calls for state funds to be diverted from cleaning up sunken boats to Redland Hospital funding

LNP MP Andrew Laming has challenged state Labor MP Kim Richards to justify spending $20 million cleaning up boat wrecks, saying the money would be better spent on Redland Hospital.

SUNK: Contractors remove an abandoned boat under a state government plan to clean up waterways.

SUNK: Contractors remove an abandoned boat under a state government plan to clean up waterways.

"Redlands was promised an interim report six months ago, but nothing has surfaced," he said.

"Cleaning up derelict vessels is the normal work and function of MSQ."

Mr Laming said funding for the hospital was down $17 million.

"I would rather leave the wrecks as habitat for local fauna, and fix our wrecked hospital," Dr Laming said.

Mr Laming said Ms Richards should provide the report and the number of wrecks removed over the past five years.

"I note there are a number of tenders being let under the program to remove vessels. That is simply business as usual and shouldn't have taken two years," he said.

Mr Laming has set up a Facebook page about Ms Richards announcement on wrecked boats being cleared from waterways which he said was because she blocked other politicians from her Facebook page.

Ms Richards said Mr Laming should spend less time creating fake news social media pages and more time delivering for the community.

"He has for 16 years failed to deliver for Redlands and has a trail of broken promises (while) in under two years I'm keeping mine and more," she said.

"Where is his $30 million promised for Redlands Hospital, where is the CCTV for SMBI promised back in 2016, where are the black spot mobile communication towers promised in 2016?

"Mr Laming also knows he's got nothing to talk about when it comes to his track record of infrastructure funding in the Redlands. He's a keyboard warrior that is all talk and no action."

Ms Richards said she was delivering on her promise of an upgraded hospital emergency department and maternity ward, which were under construction.

A car park feasibility study was under way and a $1.5 million hospital expansion preliminary business case that assesses functional design and clinical planning needs for our community.

She said 220 vessels had been removed from Queensland waters and owners were made to take action to repair or remove a further 170 boats.

"Eighty-four of those vessels were here in the Redlands Coast, but apparently Mr Laming would have preferred they stayed where they were," she said.

"The program has been an outstanding success and you only need to speak with locals down at the Boaties Market to get that feedback."