Experts warn of smoky end to week as fires continue to burn across state

A REDLANDS air quality expert expects conditions to worsen over the coming days as 80 active fires continue to burn across the state.

AIR POLLUTION: Smoke from bushfires across the state are affecting the Redlands.

AIR POLLUTION: Smoke from bushfires across the state are affecting the Redlands.

Air Noise Environment consultant Dr Claire Richardson expects conditions on Friday and Saturday to mirror those that were seen in Brisbane on Monday where air quality was reported to be worse than Beijing.

She said the smoke that blanketed the city contained fine particles that could travel deep into the lungs and cause serious health issues.

"People should limit outdoor activities because your respiratory rate increases while you are active meaning you take in more of the polluted air," Dr Richardson said.

"Today is a good day but the current forecast suggests that conditions will deteriorate overnight.

"What we are finding is people are suffering from runny eyes and coughing and the poor air quality is exacerbating asthma symptoms."

Dr Richardson said the air quality in Brisbane was five times above the healthy range on Monday.

It prompted health authorities to release a warning urging people to stay indoors.

Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young withdrew a whole-of-community smoke warning earlier today but has asked people to remain vigilant and take the proper precautions to protect their health.

"It's better but we're still not quite back to the crisp, clear Queensland air we're used to," she said.

"People should continue to use common sense. If there are fires in your region and there is a lot of visible smoke you should reduce the amount of strenuous activity you are undertaking outside.

"It's still especially important for vulnerable people to remain vigilant. The advice for them has not changed."

Air Noise Environment will provide readings closer to home with a new motoring station set-up at Thornlands in preparation for the weekend's potentially hazardous air conditions.

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