Victoria Point's Brendan Foley battles cancer with resilience and optimism

INSPIRATION: Brendan Foley with son Chase.

INSPIRATION: Brendan Foley with son Chase.

A VICTORIA Point man - who has had several milestones marred by cancer surgeries or diagnoses - has been praised by family for his resilience and optimism.

Brendan Foley's first diagnosis came shortly after he married wife Jessica in September 2015.

In October, days before his 29th birthday, Mr Foley was diagnosed with a 10.5 centimetre tumour in his left kidney. The kidney was removed and the couple delayed their Las Vegas honeymoon while he recovered.

Once an avid football player, Mr Foley was forced to give up the sport.

"Despite the physical and emotional toll this turn of events had on Brendan, his positive spirit remained intact," mother-in-law Angela Philp said.

The newlyweds went on their honeymoon in January 2016. A year later, just before the birth of his son Chase, Mr Foley had a 12-month check up.

"No one was prepared for the news that was to come," Ms Philp said.

The scans showed multiple tumours in his kidney, the largest of which had grown to 3.5 centimetres.

Four days after the couple welcomed a baby boy, Mr Foley had surgery to have his remaining kidney and part of a vein removed.

This meant he could not spend time with Chase for at least two weeks due to the risk of infection. He also had to be on dialysis three days a week.

In late 2018 the cancer had metastasised and doctors found a small spot on his lower lung. It was removed and the all clear was given.

"The months that followed were full of hope, as the focus shifted towards being cancer-free for five years to enable him to be added to the kidney transplant list," Ms Philp said.

But two further tumours were found in a lung. In September this year scans revealed tumours in his lymph nodes and chest.

"There is no cure this time, only medication to block any further growth," Ms Philp said.

"All we can do now is to make sure that we spend as much quality time with Brendan, and work together to give him, Jess and Chase every opportunity to build as many memories together as they can."

Ms Philp said Mr Foley was a wonderful role model for his son.

"He is a kind, caring, funny man who is a real fighter and will inspire you to live your very best life," she said.

FAMILY: Mr Foley with wife Jess and son Chase.

FAMILY: Mr Foley with wife Jess and son Chase.

In a blog written about his cancer journey, Mr Foley said his friends and family had motivated him to keep living his life to the fullest.

A fundraising event for the family will be held at the Sunnybank Rugby Union Club on Sunday, November 17.

For more details, see the Facebook event or GoFundMe page.