Qld Police Minister Mark Ryan refuses residents' bid for Victoria Point Police Beat

A REDLANDS resident says she will continue to push for a Police Beat, station or more patrols in Victoria Point despite Police Minister Mark Ryan saying the area is adequately policed.

Maria Sealy and deputy mayor Lance Hewlett said they were disappointed but not surprised by Mr Ryan's comments in response to Ms Sealy's petition calling for a Victoria Point Police Beat.

The petition was tabled in October with 287 signatures. It raised concerns about offences including drugs, graffiti and drinking alcohol in parks, slashing tyres and breaking and entering.

Mr Ryan said Victoria Point was policed mainly by the Cleveland station with support from Redland Bay.

Policing at Victoria Point was also supported by other QPS resources like the Road Policing Unit, Tactical Crime Squad, Criminal Investigation Branch and Child Protection Investigation Unit.

"(Inspector Lindsay Kilpatrick) (has) outlined policing practices and evidence-based strategies employed in policing the Bayside Patrol Group and the Victoria Point area. These strategies include reactive and proactive measures designed to enhance community safety," he said.

"I have been assured that Queensland Police Service will continue to monitor policing needs to enhance community safety in Victoria Point."

On Saturday a man was seriously injured in an assault on Colburn Avenue on Sunday night. On Saturday, the Victoria Point Domino's store was robbed by a man wielding a hammer.

Ms Sealy said some residents were becoming frustrated and angry about a perceived increase in crime and she would not stop pushing for an increased police presence.

"Why should we wait until crime levels escalate further?" she said. "Bottom line, it's about the community feeling safe."

Mr Ryan said technology had improved response times and police were more mobile, meaning they could be quickly deployed to where they were needed.

Cr Hewlett said projects like Woodbury in Victoria Point, Redland Bay's Shoreline and development at southern Thornlands would bring more people to the region and exacerbate crime.

"There's so many social issues and the population's only growing," he said. "Many of them may not be major crimes but ... the community is very upset about it.

"I've been in Victoria Point more than 28 years. We've had massive growth. We're supposed to be a major centre but we still don't have a police station.

"Even local police signed the petition. They know they're under-resourced."