Engineer and scientist announces she will run for mayor of Redlands

ENGINEER and businesswoman Claire Richardson has announced that she will run as a candidate for mayor of Redlands in the March elections.

RUN ANNOUNCED: Thornlands resident Claire Richardson will run for mayor in the 2020 local government elections.

RUN ANNOUNCED: Thornlands resident Claire Richardson will run for mayor in the 2020 local government elections.

Ms Richardson said she was not a member of any political party or pressure group.

"Throughout my career it has been important to remain impartial and independent, and I intend to continue the same way if elected," she said.

She said she was running for office because the council had failed to meet community expectations in many areas - particularly, planning and development.

"Council's own survey this year shows most locals are dissatisfied with the scale and speed of Redlands' development, the resulting road congestion and broader impacts on our lifestyle and the environment," Ms Richardson said.

She said she backed the redevelopment of Toondah Harbour and the provision of commercial and tourist facilities.

"However, I have serious reservations about the proposed reclamation of land in Moreton Bay to allow for the

construction of multiple 10-storey buildings to house 3600 individual apartments," she said.

"I will draw on my expertise in the planning and environmental fields to seek a solution to this project that meets community expectations."

She said her business and financial management skills, experience in delivering advice to government, industry, and community, positioned her well to be mayor.

"At a time when many politicians are held in such low esteem, I want to offer the community a fresh leadership approach," she said.

"I am convinced there are more innovative ways to help the Redlands thrive than 'business as usual'.

"As mayor, I would invite the community to have a say in developing council's annual budget, and arrange community forums to seek input into our future vision for Redlands.

"... The majority of locals say their lifestyle is worse now than five years ago. I believe we can do much better to look after what we value."

Ms Richardson said she would campaign on appropriate development, reducing traffic congestion, sustainable growth, transparency and community engagement.

"As a local property investor myself, I support appropriate development.

"...However, I believe we need a new direction that will transform the local economy and support a modern, well-planned and sustainable city capable of embracing new technological opportunities."

Ms Richardson is a coordinator for Every Little Bit Helps, a charity for homeless people, and supported the Redlands Community Centre and Redlands United homeless support group. She is a Bayside Outrigger Club member and a crew member of a Manly-based racing yacht.

Ms Richardson set up a scientific and engineering company called Air Noise Environment 21 years ago. It specialises in air quality and acoustics and has been based at Capalaba for 15 years.

British born, she studied science in London and did her engineering doctorate at Griffith University.

Ms Richardson was a state finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year program. British born, she moved to Australia in 1995, becoming a citizen in 1999. She and her husband and three children have lived at Thornlands since 2004.