Andrew Laming says further Redlands businesses would suffer in plan to implement Christmas eve public holiday

A Redlands MP has slammed a government plan to implement a part-day Christmas eve public holiday.

Andrew Laming has slammed a plan to implement a part-day public holiday on Christmas eve

Andrew Laming has slammed a plan to implement a part-day public holiday on Christmas eve

Bowman member Andrew Laming said the planned holiday, which would start from 6pm on Christmas eve, would hurt workers.

Mr Laming said further consultation on the issue was needed.

"Industrial relations minister Grace Grace hasn't spoken to enough owners and managers in the retail and hospitality sectors about the likely effect on businesses," Mr Laming said.

"Long-term unemployment and bankruptcies in Queensland is the highest in the country, when it used to be among the lowest."

Mr Laming said skeleton staffing was the only solution for businesses looking to stay open during the public holiday hours.

"No one wins if staff are told to stay home," he said.

"Now, they'll either have higher overheads if they choose to stay open on Christmas eve, or close their doors and their workers lose out wages."

According to Mr Laming, the changes could cost large and non-profit employers more than $3000.

"Not to mention the unpaid staff with cancelled shifts," he said.

Ms Grace said support for the implementation of the holiday was strong.

"Of the 1779 submissions received during the public consultation period, 1271, or 71 per cent, were in favour of creating the public holiday," she said.

"We received submissions from retail workers, bus drivers, mothers and religious leaders, just to name a few, who wrote of the ever-growing importance of Christmas eve as a special time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the season and the need to properly compensate those who were required to work.

"The Palaszczuk government strongly agrees with them. The night before Christmas is as important to families as the day itself.

"Making it a public holiday will give those who have to work, like essential services staff, retail workers and shop employees, better pay for doing so."

She said 29 per cent - 508 submissions - opposed the proposal.

South Australia and the Northern Territory have implemented a part-day Christmas eve public holiday.