Residents locked in friendly battle as Huntly Place celebrates 10 magical years of Christmas light displays

REDLAND Bay's Huntly Place is known for its Christmas lights and this year the residents are celebrating a special milestone.

'TIS THE SEASON: Trevor Carlowe, Tameaka Carlowe, Mall Gill and Josh Kuskopf. Photo: Jordan Crick.

'TIS THE SEASON: Trevor Carlowe, Tameaka Carlowe, Mall Gill and Josh Kuskopf. Photo: Jordan Crick.

It has been a decade since the lights were switched on for the first time, bringing to life a colourful display that was voted the second best in Brisbane two years ago.

Among the first to start the festivities was Mal Gill, who has spent about $6000 on his Christmas wonderland.

"When we moved into the street we started with a few lights up then each year we added more and more and more," he said.

"I have three sheds full of lights now that I have to check each year.

"When I had the house built ten years ago I knew I was going to be involved so I had twelve double power points put in and the circuit upgraded so it would take the power."

Mr Gill said there was healthy competition between the neighbours.

He said they kept an eye on each other to see what trump card they had up their sleeve each year.

Things like snow machines, laser displays and lights that could be set to music were highly sought after.

"We start planning in January or February," Mr Gill said. "Then in the middle of the year we look at what we can change. In October I will start mucking around in the garage and keep an eye out for parcels.

"We don't tell everybody how to put lights up but they criticise you if you make a mistake.

"I committed the cardinal sin by placing coloured lights around the base of a tree. They should have been white lights.

"There are tiny rules and regulations that you have to follow like not putting up anything that arrives after December 1."

Trevor Carlowe, who moved with his wife Tameaka and kids to the neighbourhood in August, said he received a letter in the mail about the Christmas lights and wanted to get involved straight away.

His trump card is a snow machine which has become the envy of his neighbours and one of the most popular attractions on the street.

"It is going to be really busy this school holidays," he said. "The word is out. Even when the neighbourhood were testing their lights people were interested.

"We are new to this neighbourhood and we were getting a lot of people asking us when the lights are coming on.

"You will see people driving around the cul-de-sac slowly and if we're in the front yard they'll ask 'when do the lights start'."

About 15 houses at Huntly Place are taking part in the festivities this year.

They will unveil a special treat for visitors on Saturday, December 14.

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