Capalaba Cat Cottage plans purr-fect 20th birthday celebrations

BIRTHDAY: Michael Auld and Lynda Du Vallier with two of their furry friends. Photo: Stacey Whitlock
BIRTHDAY: Michael Auld and Lynda Du Vallier with two of their furry friends. Photo: Stacey Whitlock

A CELEBRATION for Redlanders and their furry friends will be held to mark the 20th birthday of Capalaba Cat Cottage.

The Cottage on Redland Bay Road has operated since December 19, 1999 and was bought by current owners Michael Auld and Lynda Du Vallier in 2017.

"I saw the business for sale on Facebook and I couldn't believe it," Ms Du Vallier said.

"Mike had his vet surgery at the time and I messaged him and said the cottage was up for sale. We thought about it and we knew it was right for us."

Mr Auld had been a vet for 40 years and the couple had bred cats for a decade.

"It was the most perfect opportunity for us," Ms Du Vallier said.

"Why initially I loved the idea is that when I moved to Queensland 13 years ago, I had to put my cats in a boarding cattery.

"The place was so unsuitable, they ended up really sick.

"I flew up to come and see that they were okay and ended up having to take them to the vet. I know what it's like to be fretting for your cat particularly when you're not there for a long time."

The couple puts photos and videos up on their Facebook page each day so people can check in with their furry friends.

They are also finishing royal-themed renovations, bringing in chandeliers, crown-themed beds and bowls, thrones and a red carpet which is rolled out for each arriving guest.

Cats could also be pampered in the spa room or have their own photography session.

Ms Du Vallier said the Cottage was also working to support people and animals across the community, taking in rescue cats and raising money for Rural Aid.

"We have also just teamed up with The Starlight Foundation to grant wishes for the sick children," Ms Du Vallier said.

"We will be donating and delivering kittens for the children who want a wish of a kitten and also doing hospital visits to treat the children to pat a kitten day."

The Capalaba Cat Cottage will hold a birthday celebration from 10am to 12pm on Sunday, December 22 with cat cuddles, a horse, pet photoshoots, lucky door prizes, cat calendars and items for sale, refreshments and more.

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