Redlands mayor Karen Williams has lobbied for a dedicated domestic violence worker to support Queensland councils

A dedicated domestic and family violence worker will support Queensland councils, after lobbying from Redland City mayor Karen Williams.

The new worker will help co-ordinate resources and work with the state government.

It comes after more than 12 months of lobbying by Cr Williams.

"Our community is really punching above its weight when it comes to domestic and family violence advocacy, which shows the passion we have locally," she said.

Cr Williams said she was inspired by a similar operation in the Municipal Association of Victoria.

"With 77 councils across Queensland, some of which are remote, indigenous or isolated, having a single point of contact to help coordinate resources and advocate to the state government makes a great deal of sense.

"It will reduce the need for individual councils to lobby the state government and ensure the necessary resources and information gets out to the council areas where they are needed most."

Cr Williams said the new role, which will initially be temporary, was another example of Redlands advocating for increased domestic and family violence support across Queensland.

"In addition to this new role, Redland city has also raised more than $330,000 to help encourage the state government to commit to providing more domestic and family violence housing in the Redlands."

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Karen Williams

Karen Williams