Redlands boy Rohan Davis, 11, sells koala prints across the world

A Redlands boy is using his artistic talent to raise vital funds for animals struggling in the bushfire crisis.

Rohan Davis is selling koala artworks to help the animal he fears will be forgotten about when the bushfires across Australia have been extinguished.

Passionate about koalas: Rohan Davis.

Passionate about koalas: Rohan Davis.

The 11-year-old has already handed over more than $300 to wildlife carers, and he plans to raise more money yet.

His robot koala prints start out as pencil sketches before they are transferred onto a photo block.

They are inscribed with a thank you message on behalf of the koalas.

The prints have have been sent all around the world.

Rohan, from Sheldon, has received orders from the USA, UK, Europe and South Korea.

It is a long-term project for a boy who is passionate about the animal's plight.

"I started fundraising for the koalas because I feel sorry for the koalas that have been affected by the bushfires," he said.

"It only takes about one year to rebuild someone's home, but it takes about 20 years to regrow a habitat that was home to many koalas before it was burnt down."

He said he hoped to raise about $1000 for the koalas, but Rohan wants to help humans too.

He is selling prints of other robot animals, including fish and birds, to thank firefighters.

Rohan said he was aiming to raise enough to give every overseas firey a print to thank them.

He and mother Bianca were surprised by the generosity of others.

"I thought he would only sell a few prints to family," Mrs Davis said.

"I was shocked that people who didn't know him wanted to buy his art."

Rohan said he did not think he would raise that much money.

"I thought I would only raise about $20," he said.

His mother described him as a caring boy.

"He is very sensitive and likes to feel like he is helping in some way when something bad happens," she said.

"He has been drawing robots and machines since before he could talk. He usually draws his animals while lying on the floor in front of the telly."

Rohan plans to make an educational poster about safe behaviour around wild animals.

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