Quick response and community project grant opportunities are now open for artists.

GRANTS: Community and quick response grants for artists are now open for 2020.

GRANTS: Community and quick response grants for artists are now open for 2020.

Quick response and community project grants are now open for Redland artists, arts workers and organisations.

Grants of $30,000 or $3,000, respectively are available for arts projects through the Australian Government's Regional Arts fund, administered in Queensland by Flying Arts Alliance. The fund is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities through supporting arts and cultural programs.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply to RAF's two funding streams, Community Project grants and Quick Response grants, which provide financial support for either large-scale or small arts or cultural projects.

Community Project grants provide major funding for projects involving regional artists that have a public outcome, and significantly engage the community in which they are based. They can also be used for skills development opportunities for regional artists, arts groups or community organisations.

Applicants can apply for a Quick Response grant if their small arts or cultural project cannot be funded by any other means because of its nature or timing. This type of grant would also suit individual professional development.

Flying Arts Alliance CEO Kerryanne Farrer said applicants should review eligibility and selection criteria prior to writing their application in order to increase their chances of successfully receiving funding. She also advised applicants to discuss their projects or professional development opportunities with the office before applying to the fund.

"While we would love to support all regional Queensland arts projects, the Community Project grants and Quick Response grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Quick Response grants are assessed on a first-in-first-served basis and funds often are allocated quickly, so it is all the more important that applicants understand and meet the eligibility criteria," Ms Farrer said.

For more information about the Regional Arts Fund and eligibility measures visit https://flyingarts.org.au/raf/