Queensland Parliament's Speaker warns Capalaba MP Don Brown to check his facts after pecuniary interest allegation

CAPALABA MP Don Brown has been warned by the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament to check his facts before making allegations to the House.

PARLIAMENT Speaker Curtis Pitt has warned MP Don Brown and other MPs to make sure allegations made in Parliament are accurate.

PARLIAMENT Speaker Curtis Pitt has warned MP Don Brown and other MPs to make sure allegations made in Parliament are accurate.

Mr Brown had alleged that Opposition leader Deb Frecklington had failed to declare a pecuniary interest on three occasions.

These related to Mr Frecklington's interest in the Weroona Family Trust, cattle sold to Woolworths, meetings with Woolworths senior staff and drought funding.

Speaker Curtis Pitt said he sought information about the allegations made against Ms Frecklington and decided not to refer the matter to the Ethics Committee.

"It is worth noting that the member for Capalaba's allegations contained factually incorrect material," he told the House.

"... I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members that they should apply due diligence in verifying the facts relied upon when seeking to have a matter of privilege referred to the Ethics Committee.

"To make baseless or false accusations may amount to a contempt in its own right."

Mr Brown had alleged in Parliament that Ms Frecklington had a pecuniary interest in Woolworths as a result of her being a beneficiary of the trust.

That trust owned Weroona, which in turn owned a beef cattle feedlot, which supplied cattle to Woolies.

Mr Brown also suggested that Ms Frecklington's property may have failed to declare that the property received drought funding when debating drought in the House.

Mr Pitt said Ms Frecklington said she had never received a benefit or distribution from the trust, and did not expect to, the property was a minor supplier to Woolies and had not received drought funding, and she had never met the senior Woolworths staff.

Mr Pitt said Ms Frecklington argued that Mr Brown was deliberately misleading and in breach of Standing Orders.

Mr Pitt said Mr Brown's allegations did not reach the threshold of molestation, as required under Standing Orders and he would take no further action.

"The Member for Capalaba should note that he should pay careful consideration to any future matters of privilege he may raise, and ensure the truthfulness of all allegations to the greatest extent possible," he said.

Bowman MP Andrew Laming said Mr Brown had been abandoned by the Queensland Speaker and should front his electorate for questions.

Mr Brown said it was pertinent that Mr Laming was in Parliament in Canberra yet was evidently watching Queensland Parliament when he should be working for Redlands.

He said Mr Laming should be spending his time getting the $30 million Redland Hospital funding he promised during the election last year distributed this year rather than next.

Mr Brown said he would continue to prosecute issues like LNP travel in which Opposition leader Deb Frecklington charged taxpayers for a trip to Sydney for the Council of State Parliamentarians which included a Luna Park visit and for a king size bed in her hotel room.