Redland City Council meeting disrupted by More Freedom For Dogs petitioner

Tempers flared when a Wellington Point man was removed from a Redland City Council meeting today.

DOG LOVER: Lynden Christophers walking his dogs.

DOG LOVER: Lynden Christophers walking his dogs.

Lynden Christophers, a Wellington Point resident who has been campaigning to have dog laws relaxed, caused a stir when he approached a senior staffer during the meeting.

Mr Christophers had arrived with a letter for Cr Williams and a 12-page petition signed by 549 people.

This is the second petition lodged with council by the passionate dog lover.

He is calling for change to laws which ban pets from the Wellington Point recreation reserve for most of the weekend.

Half way through the council session Mr Christophers tried to discuss his plight with the officer, urging him to give the petition to the deputy mayor for council to vote on.

After raising his voice, using offensive language and threatening to have the officer sacked, Cr Williams intervened and urged Mr Christophers to refrain from disrupting the meeting.

A few minutes later when council took a 10 minute recess, the argument started again.

Three council employees asked Mr Christophers to leave the chambers.

A heated altercation ensued, with Mr Christophers being escorted from the building.

His More Freedom For Dogs In The Redlands petition has been handed to Cr Williams' office.