Victoria Point couple Ted and Jean Davies put their long lasting relationship down to 'a bit of give and take'

A VICTORIA Point couple on the verge of celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary say they are still as hopelessly in love with each other as the day they met in 1957.

TRUE LOVE: Ted and Jean Davies are on their way to 60 years of wedded bliss.

TRUE LOVE: Ted and Jean Davies are on their way to 60 years of wedded bliss.

Having spent their entire married life travelling to all corners of the globe for work, Ted and Jean Davies will take another trip to Bali to celebrate their anniversary on March 5 with their surrogate daughter and her husband.

The globetrotting pair met at a dance in their home town of Preston in Lancashire, England. They got engaged in 1959 and married on March 5, 1960.

After Mr Davies retired from the Fleet Air Arm, an aviation branch of the Navy, they moved to Queensland and settled into Daisy Hill in 1980.

The couple moved around to places like Rockhampton, Gold Coast, London and Melbourne during the remainder of their working days before retiring in Ormiston and moving to Victoria Point.

Mr Davies said the secret to a long marriage was a bit of give and take.

"We buy each other valentine, birthday and anniversary cards every year," he said.

"We always remember those important dates for each other."

The couple will stay at a hotel in Bali for their anniversary, where they will spend 10 days with family to celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss.

Mr Davies said he had Valentine's Day and his wife's birthday to get through before they turned their attention to the holiday.

"It is her birthday on the 21st, then its our wedding anniversary and then it's my birthday in April," he said.

"I go out and buy three cards every February."

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