Shoreline, Toondah, koalas among hot button issues at Redlands council candidate breakfast

TOONDAH, public transport and a koala hospital were hot topics for 16 council candidates going head-to-head at a Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Friday morning.

Mayoral candidates Claire Richardson and Karen Williams made short presentations and took questions about burning issues like employment.

Incumbent Cr Williams said she was excited about the possibility of a south-east Queensland Olympics and was keen to pursue partnerships with the ageing community.

Engineer and scientist Ms Richardson stressed appropriate development and said she would encourage employment, rather than people heading elsewhere to work.

Candidates for Divisions 1 through 10 were given one minute to give a pitch and another minute to answer a set question.

In response to a question on how she would spend $5 million in her electorate, Division 1's Cr Wendy Boglary said she would increase train station parking, work with Brisbane City Council to upgrade Rickertt Road and expand the Wellington Point hall into a community hub.

Division 2's Callen Sorensen Karklis stressed his firm stance on Toondah, saying the port needed upgrading but he did not want to see 3600 units built there.

Revitalisation of the Cleveland CBD was pushed by Mr Sorensen Karklis and incumbent Cr Peter Mitchell.

Recontesting Division 3, Cr Paul Golle encouraged a strong link between council and businesses, while candidate Terry Huckfield said he would encourage businesses to relocate to Redlands with incentives like discounts.

He said the Redlands needed more sporting and cultural events like A Day on the Green to draw in crowds.

Division 4's Cr Lance Hewlett said tourism opportunities like beaches in Victoria Point and the Bay Islands could be further capitalised upon and Quandamooka heritage should be embraced.

When asked about the Shoreline development at Redland Bay, Division 5 incumbent Cr Mark Edwards said he supported the project, saying it would deliver schools and road upgrades without costing ratepayers.

Candidate Junita Grosvenor said Shoreline was a blank slate and would need careful planning.

From Division 7, candidate Rowanne McKenzie said access to the Redlands was a big hurdle for businesses and could be improved with road upgrades.

Division 9's Adelia Berridge pushed for a koala hospital.

Opponent Allison Wicks said she wanted to build Division 9 - which included Capalaba - as a commercial hub, while James Farrell said it was a matter of striking a balance between the division's rural areas in Sheldon and its business precinct.

Attending candidates were Cr Boglary (Division 1), Cr Mitchell and Mr Sorensen Karklis (Division 2), Cr Golle and Mr Huckfield (Division 3), Cr Hewlett (Division 4), Cr Edwards and Ms Grosvenor (Division 5), Cr Julie Talty (Division 6), Ms McKenzie (Division 7), James Farrell, Ms Berridge and Allison Wicks (Division 9), Cr Paul Bishop (Division 10), Cr Williams and Ms Richardson (mayor).