Two local naturopaths scoop the pool at the recent NatEx awards

LYMPHATIC: Chelsey Jean Fiteni of Advanced Natural Health Clinic takes the innovation award in the recent naturopathic awards.

LYMPHATIC: Chelsey Jean Fiteni of Advanced Natural Health Clinic takes the innovation award in the recent naturopathic awards.

TWO Redlanders have taken prizes in the inaugural X Factor industry awards, held from February 14 to 16 at the Gold Coast.

The awards were part of NatEx, an annual event which brings together natural medicine practitioners from Australia and New Zealand.

Chelsey Jean Fiteni of Advanced Natural Health Clinic at Capalaba took out the business growth and innovation award while Metabolic Balance nutritionist Cherry Wills of Life Zest Health in Cleveland took out the training award. These were two of just five awards given.

Ms Fiteni won the award for her LymFATics Alive program, a series of workshops designed for coaches and health professionals to aid good lymphatic health habits.

The program incorporates more than 20 years of clinical experience and draws on international knowledge, creating accessible and effective solutions to aid lymphatic health.

"Looking and feeling your healthiest, and loving the body you're in is essential in our fast paced, self indulgent world. I'll empower you to re-think what it means to be glowing with good health, and overcoming life's little aches and pains," she said.

Ms Fiteni is a qualified sports therapist and naturopath, and owns the Chelsey Jean label. At age 19, she opened her first fitness studio and day spa, beginning a movement towards detoxification and lymphatic health.

"Amazing health is accessible to everyone, and it's my mission to support women to become the best version of themselves - and have a ton of fun along the way. I share a refreshing approach to living a healthy lifestyle and healing your lymphatics simply, so you can experience joy and energy every single day," she said.

Dr Wills, who trains practitioners from around the country at her Cleveland office, said the award would help her bring the Metabolic Balance program to the attention of the medical and natural medicine communities as well as the wider public.

She said Metabolic Balance provided an analysis of what a person needed to eat to get well.

"Each plan is generated using 36 blood parameters and takes into account current medical conditions, current medications and the food preferences of the client," she said.

"The take-home point really is that Metabolic Balance is a holistic lifestyle program, so people can really learn and implement a sustainable, food-centric long term lifestyle change and stay well.

"My goal in practice is to help people understand the right food for them. Miracle products and shakes don't work ... and definitely don't teach anyone anything about what they need to eat. In my opinion, people need to learn how and what real food to eat to get themselves well and stay well."

The Alan Profke Give Back Award was also given out, named after a Cleveland naturopath who passed away earlier this month.