Wellington Point drag racer Errol Brittain rides modified Subaru pickup to third world record at Willowbank Raceway

HIGH OCTANE: A need for speed runs through the veins of the Wellington Point family behind the Subaru Brumby. Photo: James Gardiner
HIGH OCTANE: A need for speed runs through the veins of the Wellington Point family behind the Subaru Brumby. Photo: James Gardiner

A WELLINGTON Point family has made waves on the racing circuit yet again after setting a mind-blowing world record at Willowbank Raceway.

Errol Brittain drove the team's modified Brumby pickup 400 metres in 7.8 seconds at the track earlier this month to smash their two previous records and retain their title as the owners of the quickest four-cylinder Subaru powered vehicle in the world.

The car went from zero to 100km/h in 1.27 seconds and reached a top speed of 275km/h during the run at Willowbank Raceway, sending American car magazines into raptures.

The team had previously set times of 7.95 seconds and 7.812 seconds at the same venue, with the first of their world records coming in August last year when they beat the time set by American drag racing team White Bullet.

Brittain said it was a massive achievement for the team given they were competing against cars with V8 and six-cylinder engines.

"The capacity of the engines is probably the biggest thing we are proud of because you are bringing a knife to a gun fight when you see some of those big V8s," he said.

"We are racing guys with twice the power and pretty much matching their performance.

"The big thing for us is that there is nothing out there at the moment that is on par with us for power and performance.

"It was crazy when we broke the first world record but we have sort of gone to another level now.

"You hear about V8 Supercars doing zero to 100km/h in four seconds or five seconds and that sort of thing, but we are doing zero to 225km/h in 4.9 seconds."

Brittain said Australian drivers and teams were punching above their weight on the drag racing circuit.

He said a number of local drivers held world records despite the latest racing technology being made available in the United States some 12 months before it reached Australian shores.

"We have some heavy hitters here," Brittain said.

"We have a guy who runs the Jamboree drag racing meet. He held the outright four-cylinder world record for a few months but it was recently knocked off by a car in Sweeden.

"There is also a lady who runs a six-cylinder radial car and she has got a world record, not only as a female driver but a world record in her class."

Brittain said 17-year-old son Alex was itching to jump into the driver's seat after witnessing the high octane drama of the three world record attempts.

The Redlands College student has recently earned his drivers license and is looking to experience the thrills of flying down the track at speeds which are said to generate breath-taking g-forces.

Brittain said the team were thankful to Diversion Garage Capalaba for their help.

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