Opportunity to take a (virtual) look inside one of our most innovative schools

Opportunity to take a (virtual) look inside one of our most innovative schools

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Whilst the negative impact on schools from the coronavirus crisis continues to be felt, the teachers and students at one of Queensland's most innovative schools are also celebrating its ability to rise to the unprecedented challenge.

For Redland City's Sheldon College, an already strong focus on cutting-edge digital technology meant the school was able to rapidly pivot to home learning, whilst also retaining the strong relationships and sense of social connectedness that are at the heart of its success.

"I think that if there is anything positive that has come out of COVID 19 it's been the way it has transformed the digital learning ecosystems in schools," said the independent school's Principal and Founder/CEO, the respected educator, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM.

"For us, all the work that we had already been doing at Sheldon College came to the fore and we were able to provide a seamless platform to deliver quality home learning experiences for our students," she said.

"COVID-19 demonstrated that if you have a really good learning ecosystem in place, then you are ready for anything. We were so well positioned because we could still hold all virtual assemblies, virtual music lessons and virtual staff meetings in addition to regular learning, all through the learning management system (LMS) that we have in place.

"I believe that we are preparing our students for a world that we can't predict."

The College will be demonstrating its digital platform and expertise when it hosts its annual Open Day virtually due to the coronavirus restrictions. On July 17, the College is hosting a "virtual" visit that will allow interested parents to meet its talented students, learn about its Academic and Co-Curricular programs, and take a look at its extraordinary facilities.

The facilities on show will include Sheldon's $15 million LINQ (Learning and Innovation for a New Queensland) Precinct, a state-of the art learning facility that aims to provide students with a globally connected, digital learning environment with opportunities for them to become Australia's innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. Additionally, the ArtScapes Facility, an extension of the LINQ Precinct, includes purpose-built 2D and 3D Digital Arts areas featuring a custom-built Mixed Reality Lab and interactive touch screen wall, termed the Prendi wall.

Dr Bishop founded Sheldon College more than 23 years ago, inspired by her passion for education and working with children. She has had a three-decade-long career within the Education Department, filling the roles of Deputy Executive Director of Metropolitan East Region and A/Director of Quality Assurance in Central Office, prior to opening Sheldon College.

Under her guidance, Sheldon College, with its motto of "Love, Laughter, and Learning", has grown to become one of Australia's most progressive schools with its goal of developing learning for the 21st century.

Dr Bishop said she is most proud of the success of the College's Alumni.

"There have been so many remarkable achievements within our Alumni, and not necessarily just those who have gone on to become doctors and engineers and pilots, but the children who have gone out and made a mark on the world in their own unique way," she said.

"To me that is equally as valuable as someone who has achieved at the highest levels.

"This is our job, the job of a school, to set our students up for success by ensuring they possess the necessary skills, values and knowledge necessary to be able to make the transition to university, College or the world of work.

"Are they self-directed learners, are they problem solvers, are they innovators, are they effective communicators and collaborators, are they information and media literate, are they skilled in the core literacies?

"And, the most important thing for me is - 'Do they have high self-esteem'? When they walk out our gate for the last time, they have to know they can go out there and take on the world."

Join Sheldon College at its Virtual Open Day on Friday, July 17 at 10.30am by registering online at sheldoncollege.com to safely witness the world of its talented students. The event will comprise an address by Dr Bishop and the Year 12 College Captains. It will also highlight the Academic and Co-Curricular programs delivered in the College's world-class facilities.

This is sponsored content for Sheldon College.