Dazeford tells all on You Can't Ask That

NUDIST: Dazeford of Alexandra Hills has told her story on You Can't Ask That.

NUDIST: Dazeford of Alexandra Hills has told her story on You Can't Ask That.

She's been baring her body for years and now Dazeford, 60, of Alexandra Hills has bared her soul as a participant in the ABC show You Can't Ask That.

The show which asks candid questions to marginalised Australians was televised on March 25 and is available for viewing on ABC iView.

Dazeford was one of eight nudists interviewed on the show, answering diverse questions like what it's like to show their private parts to strangers and what to do about leaving skidmarks.

"I had no problem with showing my private parts. When you practice nudity, you don't see this as an issue. It's about body positivity. And as for skiddies, I use a towel," she said.

Dazeford said she first went naked in public as a regular on Maslins Beach in Adelaide at age 18. Since then she is a regular at nudist beaches and clothing optional camping grounds and prefers to stay nude at home and in her backyard.

It was after a visit to Tyagerah Beach near Byron as a member of Byron Nudists that she was approached for the interview last year. The added interest in Dazeford was her transitioning from a man to a woman in the last six years.

"I've had my boobs done, bottom surgery, my voice done, electrolisis and waxing. I am all woman now," she said.

Before the transition, Dazeford worked for 21 years in the military, 12 years as a commercial diver and now works part time in childcare.

"It all started when my neighbour asked me to her lingerie party. I just wanted a pair of boxer shorts and a sarong for the beach, but the sales person asked if I wanted a bra and knickers. I suppose not many men go to lingerie parties," she said.

"It was a bit of an epiphany at the time. Everything I had been supressing came to the surface and I ran with it. I have two Harley Davidson motorbikes and the boys there said they had seen a change in me. I feel I am now where I am meant to be - no longer trapped in the wrong body," she said.

Dazeford's other interests include astronomy and singing as a member of the Redland City choir.

"Nudism levels the playing field. And as a nudist, I do have an all over tan, although it gets a bit chilly in winter," she said.