Tony Perrett says Qld agriculture minister should be fired over gun shop closures

MINISTER: Mark Furner at last year's Harvest Festival at Aratula. Photo: Larraine Sathicq

MINISTER: Mark Furner at last year's Harvest Festival at Aratula. Photo: Larraine Sathicq

LNP Agriculture and Fisheries spokesman Tony Perrett has called for the current minister Mark Furner to be sacked after a departmental backflip around farmers having access to weapons and armourers during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Mr Furner fired back, calling the LNP comments "immature".

"While Queenslanders are facing unprecedented disruption due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Tony Perrett has resorted to pathetic, immature mumblings of a 10-year-old in a desperate grab for attention," he said.

Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause said Mr Furner should have been fired even before the gun shop closure incident.

"The list of reasons why Mark Furner should go is unfortunately very long, even before this fiasco," he said.

"He failed Scenic Rim when it came to drought declaration. He failed when it came to getting help for farmers after bushfires.

"Fire ants continue their slow march south - where's the eradication?

"Agricultural colleges closed down on his watch; tick line stuff-ups; failure to deliver prickly acacia eradication funding of $5 million - the list goes on. It's embarrassing to Queensland producers that they have such an incompetent minister."

Mr Furner said his focus was on supporting producers through the current crisis.

"I am focussed on supporting jobs in the agriculture and fisheries industries and supply chains while helping to ensure we maintain food and other critical supplies," he said.

"Tony Perrett is yet to make a single, solitary positive contribution to helping Queenslanders through the coronavirus pandemic.

"He has made no representations about protecting jobs, no representations about food supplies and no representations about supporting agricultural and fisheries businesses to sustain the economy," he said.

"He has not asked for any briefings on how Queensland's regional industries have been impacted by coronavirus and the subsequent nationally-agreed restrictions and changes."

Mr Perrett said the anxiety caused by Minister Furner's inability to stop the closure of weapon armourers was proof that the Premier should sack him.

"Farmers are needed now more than ever to produce food and fibre and they rely on firearms in the management of their land, but Minister Furner repeatedly forgets this..

"Earlier this month Minister Furner was caught out allowing funds for the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority administered sustainability and first-start loans to dry up, well before the start of the new financial year.

"The LNP was able to apply parliamentary and political pressure which ensured additional funds were made available to support Queensland farmers during this difficult time.

"For 134 days, Minister Furner attacked the LNP's plan to put smart drumlines into the marine park area, played politics with swimmers' safety and put tourism jobs at risk, but thankfully common sense prevailed as a result of political pressure by the LNP.

"This is the same Palaszczuk minister who committed $5 million of state funding to match the federal government's commitment to tackle the spread of prickly acacia, and then failed to provide the funding when it came time for the state government to pay up."

"The same minister who is cutting $50 million in drought support right in the middle of a drought from 1 July 2020.

"Queensland's Agriculture training colleges too have been closed under Minister Furner's watch without a proper plan to restore skills and training back into our states vital agricultural sector.

"Bungle after bungle and repeated tone-deaf decisions should be enough to see Furner sacked.

"How many times does this incompetent Minister have to stuff up before he is sacked?

"Surely there is someone else who can at least be across their brief and stand up for Queensland farmers.

"Annastacia Palaszczuk is the weakest Premier in Queensland history.

"It's time for Furner to go for good."

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