ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | Speak up about bullying online

Speak up about bullying online

Almost 50 per cent of Australian teens have seen someone being bullied in the past year, according to recent research.

Social media and other online spaces are the second-most common place this happens.

School is the most common place - but now schools are online too!

If you know someone else has been bullied online, you can help by:

- Not liking or sharing bullying content.

- Changing the subject.

- Contacting the person who was bullied and:

  • Check how they're doing
  • Reassure them that the bullying was not their fault
  • Encourage them to keep a record of the bullying and report it to the site or the Office of the eSafety Commissioner
  • Be friendly and invite them to join in fun activities
  • Encourage them to seek help from a trusted adult or a service like Kids Helpline or eheadspace.

- If it's safe to do so, tell the person doing the bullying that it's not OK and needs to stop.

- Don't be aggressive or nasty yourself, and don't do anything that might put you at risk.

- If someone is in immediate danger, call Triple Zero.

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